About us

The Jump Rope Academy is a new organisation with a long tradition. For us, it's not all about serious training: we love it when our teams win, but we're just as enthusiastic about our groups that simply meet for fun.

We don't differentiate between our members. Anyone is welcome to join us. Our qualified trainers are team members just like anyone else and will be happy to tell you more about the activities we offer and help you find the place that's right for you.

We're always happy to welcome new members who are interested in joining in with club activities, helping us organise events or excursions and being part of our community.

Forming partnerships with champions

Coaches Leanne, Tracy and Holly along with former British, European and World Champions Rachael and Beci Dale from Jump Rope UK after a training session.


Your contacts


Tracy Bannatyne

Jump Rope Academy

Manager & Head Coach


Tel: +44(0)7596 096591

E-mail: tracybannatyne@jumpropeacademy.co.uk



Tommy Smith

Jump Rope Academy

Development & Marketing Manager


Tel: +44(0)7864 508563

E-mail: tommysmith@jumpropeacademy.co.uk