Gargieston Jump Rope Academy

Currently only available to pupils of the Grange Campus Kilmarnock, incororating Grange Academy, Annanhill Primary, Gargieston Primary and Park School.

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This state of the art facility's jump rope club has became well established in the community and along with their determination and our help they have provided coaching to over 1,000 pupils in the last few years!


What they have acheived can only be described as remarkable, showing off their skills recently with over 50 kids performing in front of 200+ spectatators and local dignatories in a well organised and choreographed performance.


"Well done to all those who took part in the jump rope display in January! You were all amazing and I am really proud of how far you have came. Keep up the good work and I'm positive it will not be long before you have some competition winners in your club!" - Tracy, Jump Rope Academy