Coaches & Teacher Training Courses

We currently have 4 fun and exciting coaching courses on offer which will lead you through our Introduction, Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced levels...if you desire! These are listed below along with a brief decription of what you will learn on each course and whats included.

JRA An Introduction To Jump Rope Program

This is our entry level program for coaches, teachers and anyone wishing to grasp a basic understanding of the sport. We encourage all those wishing to introduce Jump Rope to their school, sports facility or fitness class to start here where you will learn:


  • Identifiying Rope Types
  • Correct Rope Length & Technique
  • Proper Warm Up / Cool Down & Stretching
  • Beginner Skills involving:
    • Individual
    • Partner Work
    • Long Rope
  • Skill Sign Off Procedure
  • Speed Progress Evaluation
  • Jump Rope Games
  • Basic Routines


Upon completion this course you will recieve:


  • JRA An Introduction To Jump Rope Manual
  • JRA An Introduction To Jump Rope Coaching Certificate
  • JRA Participant Level Sheets
  • JRA Participant Speed Progress Charts


Cost: £25.00p/p


Class sizes will be a minimum of 8, maximum of 16 and are held throughout Scotland dependent on demand. To register your interest please contact us on



JRA Beginner Coaching Program

For those who have a grasp of the basics and wish to progress on to teaching our Participants Structured Training Program. This level is vital to those wishing to teach Jump Rope to groups of beginners or start a club of their own! You will learn to deliver:


  • JRA Level 1 Skills
  • JRA Level 2 Skills


Upon completion this course you will recieve:


  • JRA Beginner Coaching Manual
  • JRA Beginner Coaching Certificate
  • JRA Level 1 & 2 Participant Training Log Sheets

JRA Intermediate Coaching Program

Available only to coaches / teachers who have completed our JRA Beginner Coaching Program this is the next stage in learning more complex skills. On this course you will be instructed on how to deliver:


  • JRA Level 3 Skills
  • JRA Level 4 Skills


Upon Completion of this course you will receive:


  • JRA Intermediate Coaching Manual
  • JRA Intermediate Coaching Cretificate
  • JRA Level 3 & 4 Participant Training Log Sheets

JRA Advanced Coaching Program

For all those having successfully obtained our JRA Beginner & Intermediate Coaching Programs this course focuses on how to identify, complete and teach the most complex tricks and how to sucessfully combine them together. You will learn:


  • JRA Level 5 Skills
  • JRA Level 6 Skills


Upon Completion of this cource you will receive:


  • JRA Advanced Coaching Manual
  • JRA Advanced Coaching Certificate
  • JRA Level 5 & 6 Participant Training Log Sheets